YouTube is making it harder for small-time creators to make money

In today’s times, YouTube is becoming the biggest source of income, Daily YouTubers  is uploading millions of videos, YouTube launched the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) in 2017, Since then the creators are doing very well by YouTube Partner Program.

Under this policy, your YouTube channel must have 10,000 views! Only then will you be able to monetize your channel, but many people have made YouTube the only one to earn their own and there are such applications on the internet that you can bring 10,000 views easily. That’s why YouTube has suffered a lot of losses, and many advertisers has blocked Advertisement  on YouTube. Because they wan’t to show their adds on useless content. so many advertisers beaks the relationships from Youtube.

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There is reason for this!

 – Publishing of Abuse Content
– Really publish the original content
This has harmed those people who put real  content!

 YouTube New Monetization Rules 2018

There is no difficulty to achieve 10,000 Views Criteria, so you have to follow some strict rules from YouTube –
 – Now your YouTube channel must have 10,000 views along with 4,000 hours of watch time!
 – You must have 1000 Subscribers on your YouTube Channel.

If you complete these criteria, then you will be able to do show adds on your Channel, that means you can monetize your channel.
It is important for you to put real and good content on your channel!
Apart from this, YouTube is going to launch a system soon, so that the Duplicate Videos will be removed altogether!

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