Whatsapp Business App Launch, Learn All Features Here

Facebook – on Wednesday launched its WhatsApp Apps Business for small business people. The Facebook-owned company had started working in the business app since last year. This will make it easier for companies to connect with customers. At the same time, the company has also given information that 1.3 billion users worldwide can talk to business people as they wish.

Whatsapp Business App Launch, Learn All Features Here

WhatsApp’s business app is currently only available for Android users and can be downloaded for free. This new business app is completely different from the standard Whatsapp app.

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These features are in the WhatsApp Business App:

Business Profile: These customers will provide essential information such as business description, e-mail or store address and website.

Messaging tools: These tools will answer quick answers to frequently asked questions. In addition, customers will also get welcome messages in terms of business.

Messaging Statistics: It will review the number of read messages such as simple matrix.

Whatsapp Web: This feature will make the WhatsApp business available on the desktop.

Account Type: This will list business accounts to businessmen. So that the customers can understand that they are talking to the businessman. Certain businessmen will also have a confirmed account. When their account phone number will match the business phone number.

According to a recent report by Morning Consultate Study, more than 80 percent of India and Brazil’s small traders told Whatsapp that they help in establishing better communication with customers through the app and business products of WhatSAPP can easily reach people to normal audiences. Will help in reaching.

Whatsapp Business has been made available today, and Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, UK and US are available for download from Google Play. In the coming weeks, it will be made available all over the world.

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