How to Recall your message on Gmail that sent by mistake

How to Recall your message on Gmail that sent by mistake

Sometimes in a hurry we send mail on the wrong email ID. It feels a while after sending mail. But by then it is very late. In this way our important information reaches the other. In this situation, you have no choice but to repent.We just keep thinking that we wish we could stop that mail. But this is possible. Yes, to avoid such a situation, Google has added a feature to its Gmail. However, this feature is not new to Gmail, but only a few people know about it. We will tell you in this news about how this feature works.


Step 1– First open a Gmail account on your smartphone or desktop and log in.

Step 2- Now after logging in, go to the settings option in the right corner above your account by going to the menu below your profile picture.

Step 3– After that you need to scroll down by going into the settings. When you scroll down, you will see an ‘Undo Send’ option. Now click on the check box next to it and enable the ‘Undo Send’ feature.

Step 4– Now you will see an option called ‘Send cancellation period’ right below the ‘Undo Send’ feature. Now, select the time (5-30) seconds in the Send cancellation period according to your need.

Step 5– Now after changing the settings, save it below and save it. After that, the ‘Undo Send’ feature is enabled in your Gmail.

Whenever you send an email after the process is complete, your email will be saved for a few seconds. Additionally, you will see a message to undo the email sent on the screen.


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