Do not do this while using mobile wallet such as Paytm

If you use mobile wallet then read these tips before making the next transaction.

Do not do this while using mobile wallet such as Paytm

As a result of the Modi government’s plans and the tendency of digitizing India, people are now beginning to do more digital transactions according to the earlier. There are so many modes of digital transaction, such as Net Banking, Check, Draft, Credit, Payments with Debit Card etc. But nowadays, people think of the easiest way to a mobile wallet.

According to the reports, since November last year, transactions have come a long way in the mobile wallet. One reason for this is that nowadays cheap and budget smartphones are being launched, due to which most people have mobile phones. With mobile wallet where payment is easy. At the same time, using some precautions is necessary. Tells you what mistakes should not be done using mobile wallet:

Do not share OTP
The most important thing is that do not share any of the OTPs coming for the transaction. Mobile Wallet companies also keep informing their users about this. With this, it is also said that no one should share the information related to OTP or wallet, even if the phone comes from the company, even if it comes from the company.

Keep logout account
Most logs keep their phones logged in to the mobile wallet app. In such a case, if your phone does not have a password then someone can misuse it. With this, if you lose the phone, all the money in your wallet will also be lost.

Do not refresh or refuse cash while doing wallet
Sometimes it takes a little while due to the network issue while adding cash to the account in Wallet. In this case, the user should refresh or refrain from a backing. Do not do anything until you have a message of transaction failure or unsolicited message.


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