Love Whatsapp Status

Love Whatsapp Status

Beautifull Status For Whastapp


1) I can leave the world for you but I can’t live there without you.

2) I don’t know why you come in my dreams but whenever you come then I never wake up.

3) I will lend my life, you just laugh at once.

4) Everyone love with heart but not everyone has that one heart.

5) People say I don’t have heart but I still love you!!

6) 143 makes 3 words “I LOVE YOU”

7) Life make you worst but Loves teach you the real lesson.

8) I can’t live without you and I have no worth without you.

9) If I separate from you then I will separate from the world.

10) My pain turns into peace when I stay with you.

11) I can’t even stay away from you so not even for a moment.

12) Every-time I see you so I drown in your eyes.

13) I live in this sad world but only for you.

14) Once you disappear from this life. I will disappear from this world.

15) Finally on every breath, I say your name to survive!!

16) You are my life and You are the one who is my wife ?

17) Your faithful and love has handles me otherwise I was nothing with you.

18) I let go all the sadness from my heart once you meet me !!

19) My destiny is fulfilled once I see you.

20) I was no longer incomplete once I achieved you.

Best Whatsapp Love Status Quotes

21) You are mine at the moment but maybe not for longer. However I will still love you.

22) I will still not forget you even if you get lost somewhere in the world.

23) First of all I will die in your love.

24) In my every silence almost I am singing your songs.

25) You are important to me as the air is important to survive.

Bonus* Cute Love Status are the best ones to share feelings

26) I can search you like a foot finding the earth.

27) I will find you out with my true love !!

28) If you don’t have love for me but I will still love you.

29) I will put the pieces together of my heart and start following you even if you leave me!!

30) Once I have found you. My life has become like gold.

31) I am not just smiling with lips but I am smiling with full body.

32) All my lovely days and nights came because of you.

33) We might not stay together forever but I will still like you.

34) If you miss me once then I will be there like wind.

35) You are my journey and also destination as well.

36) Most of all Living without you makes me fool.

37) All my prayers and also God is you.

38) Its your blessings that I survive even from death.

39) The world is false so you are the my real love and truth.

40) Our relationship is like a piece of gold.

Cute Love Status For Whatsapp

41) Therefore Those eyes who shared the same dreams every night.

42) I promise that we will walk, breath and also live together forever.

43) I remember your eyes used to heat the sunlight and therefore now looking for shade ?

44) I want to love you 100 times in a moment.

45) If you leave me once then I will just for the death.

46) I have left the world for you and also my breath only stops at you.

47) You can’t even think how much I love you.

48) This world is nothing without you and also you are the only person living here.

49) Never ever keep me distant from you otherwise that will end up with death.

50) My eyes wishes is to keep looking at you forever.

Have seen people looking for Funny Whatsapp Status or many other type of Whatsapp status. However people forget the main the topic which is love and you can’t miss this.

*Best Love Status for Whatsapp in English*

51) There are only yours twists and turns in my dreams.

52) You stole my breaths from my lung and I still love you.

53) In love, life is just a couple of moments long.

54) Even ages are not enough once I fall in love with you.

55) I want to ask God for time so I can spend with you.

56) I just want live here and only for YOU not for anything else.

57) I don’t want to go far from you otherwise I will die in your thoughts.

58) Your smiles are strength and also weakness is only you. (Love Whatsapp Status)

59) My heaven is only you.

60) Life has become beautiful since you have come near me.

61) Every pains goes away once I see your beautiful face.

62) My life is only running with your love.

63) What a bond is ours !! even the storm can’t break it.

64) Our lives has become together since we met for the first time.

65) I will back here to protect you if I die.

*Love Status For Whatsapp *

66) Our Love is trending like a Whatsapp Love Status.

67) I want this moment paused so I can love you forever.

68) Since my eyes met you. My life has more beautiful.

69) I have lost all my senses and the way to live my life since I have seen you.

70) I can let you live in my heartbeats so you can live longer.

71) I have lost myself to find you from this giant world.

72) You laughter is my joy and also pain is my sorrow.(Love Whatsapp Status)

73) How shall I stop you from leaving me ?

74) You can find a girl better than me, smarter than me but you will never find a girl just like me.

75) You can’t find anyone same as me that’s I am a famous lover.

76) Ever love is unique that’s why every lover has different way to love.

77) Nothing is fine without you but when I stay with you everything is fine.

78) Love and also innocent is the proof that you are a true lover.

79) I love you that’s why you love me.

Heart shares Cute Love Status with best person.

80) You smile makes me alive and your laugh kills my heart.

81) Don’t forget to smile because that could rise love level in your partner.

82) Way too busy in Love that’s why may be forgotten where to sleep and how to eat !!

83) Forget your broke ups and also try to create love for future.

84) I don’t have time to hate you that’s why I love you more and also more.

*Cute Love Status for Whatsapp in English *

85) When you are in tough situation so only lover can get you out of it.

86) I heard “Love is blind” but people can still see each other with full HD ?

87) True Love only makes better relationship nothing else can occur there.

88) Crying next to the lover can also take the love to the next level.

89) God has made every 2 people probably to be together forever.

90) You look like a wish once I get into trouble.

91) Whenever you give me sadness, I take it as a gift.

cute love status

92) When I come near then always find peace.

93) Which I was kept on forgetting and also I found that identity of mine again.

94) When the weather of sorrow come then I always remember you.

95) I don’t know when we started loving each other and living in a same breath.

96) Oh heart be careful because love could give heart attack as well as love ?

97) When there is nothing between us then that moment becomes unforgettable.

98) Sometimes your love changes me from disappointing to peace.

99) Even if you start to going far from me and I will still be following you like a shadow.

100) Mostly Love Whatsapp Status creates true love for the best lovers.


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