Infervision Launches AI Platform to Help Radiologists

Infervision Launches AI Platform to Help Radiologists

A Tech Company is  introducing the very first and only AI platform to help Radiologists detect and diagnose stroke faster than ever. Infervision is using Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence to help and improve medical image analysis.

This new stroke detection solution was introduced at RSNA Conference by the team of Infervision. This technology help doctors to identify the type of the stroke a patient have suffered, either a Hemorrhagic (bleeding) stroke or an Ischemic (blood clot) stroke. This will help patients to get effective and faster treatment.
To develop this diagnostic capability, the company has applied Deep Learning technology and made thousands of datasets of annotated medical images.

Radiologists at Beijing Tian Tan Hospital are testing this platform to diagnose the type, location and severity of a patient’s stroke.

Stroke is the third leading cause of death and the leading cause of permanent disability and loss of independent life-years in Western countries. At Infervision we are committed to helping doctors speed their diagnosis of stroke so patients can get the best and most appropriate treatment as fast as possible. We have built a deep learning algorithm team of almost 100 people fully committed to developing the most cutting edge AI solutions to make this a reality,” said Kuan Chen (CK), founder and CEO of Infervision. “This can be life changing for many patients.


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