Google’s new feature ‘Posts’ launched in India, will work,

Google's new feature 'Posts' launched in India, will work,

In recent times, Google has also launched many features for Indians, while Google continues to provide new features to users across the globe. In the same link, Google has launched ‘Posts’ feature in India to deliver timely updates to the rest of the users through the Verify users. Verify users will include celebrities and institutions.

According to the news, when users will search for a query, such as ‘India Super League’ or ‘Tiger is alive’, then they will be verified directly by verified sources, as a collection of ‘Cards’ which will appear in search results Will come in.

Google said, “For fastified accounts, this is the fastest and easiest way to publish text, images, videos and events, which will be immediately visible in search results made by desktop or mobile.” Search engine giants currently show details related to search, news, articles, tweets and links in search results.

In addition, now with the ‘Posts’ feature, users will be able to see photos, videos, GIFs, events and polls shared directly by the person or organization concerned.

Apart from this, Google recently made many announcements for India at an event in New Delhi. During this time the company announced Google Go. Google Go is a new app specially designed for users in India and Indonesia. It is easy to use and the special thing is that it works fast on entry level or cheap smartphones. The internet connection is slow, however you can easily search from this.

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